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高中赛车计划软件—接触自然的机会 The Chance to Close to Nature

2019-09-23 14:42:32 来源:高中化学辅导网网

When I was very small, I lived in my hometown, which was a beautiful countryside. I had a good memory there. The green trees and the blue sky brought me great comfort. When I walked along the road, I could see so many birds flying in the sky. But when I moved to the city, there were all buildings around me. I barely saw birds in the sky. I had less chance to close to nature. In the future, more children will be born and live in the big cities, who don't have much chances to appreciate the beauty of nature. What a pity. The worse situation happens in the countryside is the pollution. The river is no longer clean and the rubbish can be seen everywhere. We are hurting the environment. If we don't protect the nature, then we are hurting ourselves.